Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by “Unauthorised Encampment”?

An unauthorised encampment is when persons in caravans, vehicles, trailers, or any other moveable accommodation move onto land that they do not own.

Do I have to get a Court Order to move the trespassers off my land?

No, you do not have to obtain a Court Order, you can use the common-law procedure as an alternative. This is usually the most effective course of action when trespassers are in transit or staying for a short period of time. If they resist, then a possession order may need to be obtained.

How does the common-law route work?

Notice to quit the site is initially served on the trespassers. The time frame to leave is usually within 24 hours. If the notice is ignored our enforcement agents will attend the site and supervise the removal of the trespassers using recovery trucks if required.

The police will be informed and may be called upon if needed.

What are the costs?

Whilst each eviction is different and costs cannot be quoted exactly, we are confident that our charges are highly competitive and provide our clients considerable savings in comparison to other service providers.

Who can instruct you to remove trespassers?

We receive instructions from landowners, landlords, managing agents, central and local government agencies.

How will long will it take to remove the trespassers?

Our aim is to ensure the trespassers depart within 24 hours of being instructed by clients.

Do you have to give a 24 hours grace period to leave?

No, we don’t, however, there are a number of variables that might not make immediate eviction possible. Where it is the case that immediate eviction is not possible, usually notice to quit is served, allowing a reasonable amount of time to do so. If necessary we re-attend the following day, removing the trespassers without further notice.

Will the police have to attend?

Not always. Our agents knowledge and experience of dealing with these situations means

that more often than not, a speedy and peaceful solution is found.