About Traveller Evictions UK

Traveller Evictions UK operates throughout England & Wales. Our knowledge and experience in this sphere of enforcement sets us apart from others and has been gained over many years of successful evictions. We offer a true “One Call Sorts It All” end to end professional service to remove travellers from your property, including post-eviction security and site clearance assistance. Even abandoned livestock can be dealt with as part of our service.

In addition to action at Common Law, we are able to assist with action under a Magistrate’s Warrant or a Writ Possession. In doing so, we can deal with the entire spectrum of illegal occupations.

Irrespective of the legal basis we act under, full detailed reports are always supplied to clients after an event. Our reports will contain essential information such as;

  1. Date and time of arrival and departure from the site
  2. Numbers and types of vehicles seen
  3. Persons spoken to and outcome of any conversations
  4. Site Photographs
  5. Any recommendations or concerns highlighted by the agents.

We are Safe Contractor approved, the holder of ISO 9001 ( amongst others ) and members of a number of respected professional trade organisations. Every eviction brings its own unique challenges, so if you are facing a traveller incursion and want to be confident that you are instructing an established, proficient, reputable company that can deal with every eventuality, then you need to look no further than Traveller Evictions UK.